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Mandeville Mills and Mill Village Historic District is located west of downtown Carrollton in Carroll County in west central Georgia.  The district consists of a Mill Complex surrounded by a mill village.

The mill complex, which began to develop in 1900, consists of several buildings and structures that were constructed over time to adapt to the evolving nature of the mill. Joseph Aycock, Henry Lovvorn, and Leroy Clifton Mandeville (L.C.) organized Carrollton Oil Mill and Mandeville Cotton Mill in 1899. The companies were combined in 1902 to form Mandeville Cotton Mills, Inc.

The cotton mill produced cotton yarn for many different uses. During World War II, the mill was converted to production of military goods. The cotton mill complex and the oil mill complex located on the Central of Georgia (now Norfolk Southern) rail line approximately one-quarter mile apart.  The main mill complex, located in the center of the district, is made up of several buildings constructed between 1900 and 1922.




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